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Global Diamond Conference - Tokyo, 2018

We are happy to announce that the 2018 Global Diamond Conference destination is Tokyo - the most fascinating city in the world!

The 2018 Global Diamond Conference will be an exciting event in an amazing location full of breathtaking sigh-seeing and excursions, fantastic agenda and recognitions


Tokyo is Japan's largest and truly overwhelming city; a vibrant hub of modern civilization, constantly buzzing with activity.

Follow in love with Japanese culture, whose traditions and development dating back thousands of years, walk through the beautiful cherry blossom trees (sakura), meet geishas with their distinctive white face, red lips and elaborately decorated style.

Did you know that Japan is a shopping paradise with the wealthy stores selling everything from traditional souvenirs and local food to the latest electronics and biggest fashion brands

Qualify for Global Diamond Conference and visit an amazing city of the world's tallest towers, enjoy tea ceremonies, hit some of the most luxuries shops, and enjoy the walk under sakuras.

Are You Interested? Check qualification rules here